How to enable all the functions of the FydeOS and AI?

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    I have installed the operating system, but there is no AI in it, as on the presentation video.
    How to enable all the functions of the FydeOS, so that it would be possible to use everything as in the video?

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    Mac Mini 2014
    FydeOS Version: FydeOS v16.0

It’s a joke bro. April 1st.

Maybe they will add similar to Chat GPT AI in the future, inside the operating system?

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“It’s a prank bro”

Here is an interesting question, say if FydeOS AI were to be available (which isn’t hard to achieve btw), but it would cost an additional monthly subscription fee, will you be happy to pay for it?

At this moment, ChatGPT Plus charges $20 per month and it has been my favourite purchase in 2023.

Yeah but like ChatGPT you should offer a limited or trial edition and then if we like it we buy it or if you choose the trial option when the trial ends or we pay it or we keep using the system withouth AI

Do it bro,I’d like to pay 150 CNY/month or 2000CNY/year for those feature if you can make it.