My android services not activating

my android services are not activating

i have not found any reasonable solutions

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i have installed the fydeos 16 recently and my android services are not activating as i click to active it, it hand on loading when i click launch button, its loading for hours, but not moving to next window,

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    CPU: amd dual core
    RAM & Storage: ram 8gb storage 320 hdd
    FydeOS Version: 16

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    To obtain the logs, enter /var/log/messages in the Chromium browser and locate the relevant log fragment. Copy and paste it here.
    Screenshot 2023-04-04 1.19.13 PM

CPU is too old.

CPUs that support the SSE4.2 instruction set are required to use the Android subsystem. You can check if the CPU supports the SSE4.2 instruction set first.

then what is the benefit of installing fydeos when we need latest systems, with latest systems why anyone will use fydeos.

It’s google’s rule. You need sse4.2 to support android 64 bits. Blame Google. And cpus after 2015 usually are with sse4.2 support. Not so latest.

Without sse4.2 support, you can’t run any android x86-64 OS. It’s the common sense. Upgrade your hardware. Amd dual core is already an oldie.