Android subsystem not loading after installing gapps

I installed gapps using the store and did as i was instructed

android subsystem was working before installing gapps but after installing and rebooting the system when trying to launch android app to activate playstore i just get a settings app icon with loading animation

A:How can i install working gapps and working android subsystem

CPU:Intel i3 7200u
GPU:Intel HD 620
RAM & Storage:4 GB RAM & 100 GB partition on 1TB HDD
FydeOS Version:16

We are looking into this issue; it may not be as straightforward as it seems.

Once again, Open GApps is an experimental feature because of its dependency to 3rd party software and services. If it fails, we may not have the control to fix it

Then it kills the whole purpose of Fyde OS. If it can’t run andriod apps because they can’t access internet it is just a chrome os flex altogether.