Some apps is crashing on AMD APU VERSION

Iā€™m trying to open some apps, but not opening, just open and close quickly.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
RAM & Storage: 32GB RAM / 240 GB SSD
FydeOS Version: 16.1 AMD APU Version


2023-04-28T14:54:03.269433Z INFO cryptohomed[1515]: AuthSession: timed out.
2023-04-28T14:54:09.399314Z INFO periodic_scheduler[3454]: cros-machine-id-regen: running /usr/sbin/cros-machine-id-regen -r periodic -t 21600
2023-04-28T14:54:09.410813Z NOTICE cros-machine-id-regen[9411]: Not regenerating since we did so 312 seconds ago.
2023-04-28T14:54:09.413285Z INFO periodic_scheduler[3454]: cros-machine-id-regen: job completed
2023-04-28T14:54:09.416959Z INFO periodic_scheduler[3646]: trim: running chromeos-trim
2023-04-28T14:54:12.359200Z WARNING kernel: [ 320.599845] [9482] vetv.redplaybox: blocked syscall 90
2023-04-28T14:54:12.432205Z INFO kernel: [ 320.672209] binder_alloc: 9482: binder_alloc_buf, no vma
2023-04-28T14:54:12.432224Z INFO kernel: [ 320.672217] binder: 4994:9536 transaction failed 29189/-3, size 252-16 line 2807
2023-04-28T14:54:12.463242Z INFO crash_reporter[9539]: developer build - not testing - always dumping
2023-04-28T14:54:12.463296Z WARNING crash_reporter[9539]: [ARC_java] Received data_app_native_crash notification for (handling)
2023-04-28T14:54:12.464862Z INFO crash_reporter[9539]: Accessing crash dir ā€˜/run/daemon-store/crash/906fe717d5a2d6969b00b07e2ebd2331fe378890ā€™ via symlinked handle ā€˜/proc/self/fd/10ā€™
2023-04-28T14:54:12.465417Z INFO crash_reporter[9539]: Finishing crash. Meta file: /proc/self/fd/10/com_mm_droid_livetv_redplaybox.20230428.145412.37453.705376.meta
2023-04-28T14:54:12.824579Z WARNING session_manager[1586]: WARNING session_manager: [] No device identifiers available, no state keys generated