Horrible screen flickering on Pinebook Pro


I was willing to get acquainted with FydeOS, as the PBP has superior performance compared to general Linux systems, however there is a horrible screen flickering.

I have now version 14.2 installed on the eMMC and boot to it. After a while, like 10 minutes the screens starts to flicker, like your head starts hurting. I tried it on charger, off charger, top brightness and on dimmed screen, nothing seems to have an affect on it.

Let me also mention that I experience the same on older kernels, but on the latest Manjaro kernel I have never experience this.

Some help would be much appreciated, since if I cannot fix this, I won`t be able to use this OS on the long run.

Thank you!

FydeOS for You on Pinebook Pro has not been updated for a while now because our last Pinebook Pro broke down a while ago; we are working with Pine64 to get our engineering sample back :smiling_face_with_tear: