Gapps keep failing to install

I was trying to install Gapps on my HP Chromebook 14 4G (even tried the manual installation by downloading from the gapps website and redirecting the app to the folder), but I keep getting an error… how can i fix it please???

[Fri Jun 2 00:44:56 MSK 2023] args: OpenGApps test-network

[Fri Jun 2 00:44:56 MSK 2023] args: OpenGApps clear

I tried running this command as well, and it kept saying download succesfull…

sudo /usr/bin/ recover,

CPU: Intel Celeron N2840 Bay Trail dual core @ 2.167-2.58 GHz
GPU: Intel HD 4000 4 core @ 792MHz
RAM & Storage: 4GB + 16GB SSD (+MicroSd)
FydeOS Version: v16.1

as mentioned in an earlier thread, you need to manually fix your broken /usr/local by running

sudo /usr/bin/ recover

wait for the script to finish, then reboot and try to install OpenGapps again.

To execute the above command, what should be used? chronium/cmd in linux