Broadcom bluetooth drivers / controllers

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    A: I have a device with a Broadcom network card (BCM43142A0 model), wifi works fine but oddly enough bluetooth does not work. I believe it’s a driver issue since both wifi and bluetooth are working when I boot up Windows, so I wanted to know if is there’s any way of installing a driver on FydeOS so bluetooth works as intended as I typically do whenever I have to use Linux.
    (excuse my ignorance in such regard as I’m not acquainted at all with how ChromiumOS and it’s derivatives work in such specific scenarios)

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    CPU: Intel Core i5-4200U
    GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400
    RAM & Storage: 8GB/240GB
    FydeOS Version: FydeOS v16.1 (FydeOS unlicensed version) Platform 15183.90.16.8 64 bits

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    Logs: I don’t believe there’s need for any but feel free to correct me