Why this?

Why do we deal with this system as if it was designed for a phone and not for a computer?

I think most of the users deal with fydeos as it is designed for computers.

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What are you talking about? What does it mean to “deal with this system as if it was designed for a phone”, and how are we doing that?

All Apps size and option

We want access to the Chromebook experience, not the mobile version on the computer

I still don’t get what you’re saying. It would help if you could be a lot more specific.

apps and google play made phone not use ready with pc chromebook exm

What apps do you use? You may try Brunch to see whether the experiences are same. Brunch is chromeos.

To me it works just fine.

File a complain at google :joy: ‘why google? why do you think you matter?’ :person_facepalming: Its how it was designed.

Faydeos is the best chromeOS alternate till now. All applications work perfectly. its just the DPI for android apps is different. Rest is just like ChromeOS. ChromeOS Brunch has too many bugs.

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