How to update linux withouth updating FydeOS

  1. Clearly state your question(s)
    A:I use FydeOS 6.1 but Linux uses debian stretch and i want to update to debian buster or bullseye

  2. Provide specific configuration and firmware version details
    CPU:Intel celeron
    RAM & Storage:4GB, 500GB
    FydeOS Version:6.1

  3. Include detailed logs
    To obtain the logs, enter /var/log/messages in the Chromium browser and locate the relevant log fragment. Copy and paste it here.
    Logs:they were too long

If you didn’t create a typo and you are indeed using FydeOS v6.1, this is quite a legacy version and will longer be supported. The latest version of FydeOS has Debian 11

It wasn’t a typo, i have a computer that is really entry grade, and 16.1 went a little slow but 6.1 seemed to go perfect but if it is not supported and linux the thing i use most i cannot find a way to update it before the end of life then i will update, anyways i’m already downloading 7.2 and one of this from 7.2 to 16 must work or i’ll just update my hardware

15.1 went also good