Some Android apps seem stuck

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[x] Might be similar to Android apps don't see an internet connection, but some apps seem to see the network fine

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    Installed Zwift (via APKPure), Spotify (via Google Play Store), Excel (via Google Play Store), and Device Info HW (via Google Play Store). Zwift and Spotify both launch, but get stuck, and haven’t been able to identify any problems. Excel and Device Info HW work fine (logged into MS account, opened a file at onedrive in Excel).

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    CPU: rk3588 (rock5b)
    GPU: mali-g610 mp4
    RAM & Storage: 16GB RAM, 32GB eMMC
    FydeOS Version: 16.1 (R108-15183.69.0)

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Ah thanks, that did get it loading. But graphics performance was potato :-/