Cannot detect media that i downloaded From Chromium on WhatsApp, Alight Motion, Motion Ninja

Hi guys, I want your help please :sob:

Soo when i was trying to send some video that i downloaded on chromium, theres no media on my gallery, i already trying to copy it into android files, but it dint work. can someone help me pls :sob:

I found the same problem after searching this forum, but This method is not working

My Specs
CPU: AMD A4-9125 2.3 GHz, Stoney Ridge
GPU: AMD Radeon R3 (Stoney Ridge)
RAM & Storage: 256 Gb SSD & 1 TB HDD | 8GB RAM DDR4 3200mhz (detected as 2133mhz)
FydeOS Version: v16.1 Platform 15183.90.16.5