Touchpad not working

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    Not able to use cursor through touchpad

I have installed fyde os on my Acer Aspire Es1-571 intel core i3 processor
Recently i was using chrome os touchpad was working fine there but in fyde os touchpad is not working even cursor is not visible on the screen from the starting. Help me out


Bro use an external mouse I have also the same problem using a external mouse will definitely help you :smile:

Hello, had just fully installed FydeOs17 on an old Acer R3-131T(Windows 10).
Touch screen, keyboard is fine except for touchpad. Need assistance on this. Thank you

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touchpad not working

intel pentium silver N5000
8gb of ram 512gb storage
amd64-fydeos, version 114.15437.1

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Touchpad not working
Installed Fydeos 17
I have a Lenovo Yoga 330-11IGM,
2018 model
Pentium Silver
4g Ram