No wifi - Fydeos with 6th gen Intel processor

A: I saw a similar thread with an Intel 11th gen CPU, but for this processor there exsits a 17.0 SP1 Fydeos version. So in 17.0 i get no Wifi or bluetooth with my Intel AX210 card. Seems to be a known problem, but is it possible to fix it with linux drivers? :wink:

Provide specific configuration and firmware version details
CPU: 6th gen Intel i5 6200U
GPU: HD 520
RAM & Storage: 16Go 1TB M2 HDD
FydeOS Version: 17.0

The 3rd-8th generation Intel Core processors version does not support ax210 since the Linux kernel version issue. We canโ€™t rush to increase the kernel version because it will fail to support old devices. Usually, 3rd-8th gen devices wonโ€™t be equipped initially with ax210.