Inconsistent Android DPI settings on two PC's

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I have two computers side by side, running FydeOS 17.1 in multi-boot.

CPU:Intel i5 7th Gen / Intel i7 11th Gen
GPU: HD graphics 630 / Iris Xe Graphics
RAM & Storage: 8&32Gb / 16&32Gb
FydeOS Version: 17.1 / Version: 17.1 Iris
Monitors used: two 32" 2560x1440

Both PC’s are running (out of the box with nothing altered/added) with the Android subsystem activated. However on the 7th Gen PC the Android font and display size is quite smaller than on the 11th Gen PC (see picture)

  1. Is this done on purpose, somehow?
  2. Is this depended on the GPU used?
  3. On the 11th gen PC the font/display size is way to large. Can the user change the Android DPI settings (display/fontsize)? I haven’t found a way…yet

Use Google translate:

Yes thanks!

Somehow in the 11th Gen Iris version the Density is set at 260: androidboot.lcd_density=260
And in the ‘normal’ 7th gen HD graphics version it’s 160

Monitors have same resolution and DPI. There must be some difference in these builds