BEST budget x86 2in1 10" chromeblet for fydeos17, < 170 usd

In China s HongKong, we got an expo now. Chuwi Hi10X (intel soundchip) only cause 167USD. +30USD for wacom alike active stylus. Only thing NOT supported in fydeos17: tf slot, rotate. 1yr local warranty. what more do you want?

extra: 1. a 2USD covertor make it PD compatible 2. the win10 drivers are signed, clean install with ms .iso is safe. 3. i made 8xGB for win10+bitlocker+secureboot, 3xGB for fydeos(cant linux vm). i love this chuwi, i love win10 and fydeos.

(but fydeos could do better)

you know, a iOS magic keyboard cause hk1999 = 250usd… just the keyboard.


I fancy more my gadgets… Single board computers :sunglasses:

  1. 10" is biggest size to put in side bags. the “every day carry” EDC bag, you climb rock, you run etc with this EDC bag
  2. did your setup have battery?
  3. can you walk to and from bus stop while still using it?
  4. do your setup have WACOM digitizer?
  5. do your setup dual boot win10, so you can run some .exe when necessary?
  6. do your CPU as fast as celeron n4100? (i guess you are on arm)

if i am a dictator, i’ll put this chuwi 10" tab (win10+fydeos) into every student’s school bag.

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Sure not. My desktop is for a minimalistic setup. I prefer it this way… to carry out things with me definitly my phone is enough however yes ! Chuwi / Teclast / and other chinese brands have always offered nice deals that with ChromiumOS ports will be a strong nice option too.

is there earthquake or hurricane or flooding around you?

i suggest you rehersal how to pack it in short time, no joke.

several days ago, i go to see doctor, i plan to stay in hospital,
so i just packed the hi10x, keyboard, pen, PD powerbank and a PD charger (with the phone of cause). headphones too, and some cables.

Do I have to explain you how you can fit a portable monitor in a bad with a pc of the size of your 2 fingers with a plug keyboard and mouse into a bad ? Is this really a big deal?

Cause I went on holidays and eay enough sorted myself like this:

Now if you think the end of world is near and you need a laptop fine go for it. Im not forcing you to join a different adventure :rofl:
Grab the Chuwi its easier off course it is. Im not saying otherwise.
Im just saying there are alternative options of which are more suitable for ‘students’ but… yeah each case is a case.