Not load on Pentium D

Good day! When starting, everything seems to be normal, it loads… But nothing happens after the logo (I waited more than 30 minutes)

No, I haven’t found anything similar

In default, Downloading the installer from a flash drive takes no more than 10 minutes (if we are talking about version 16)

Is it possible to get an older version?

So, my configuration
CPU:Intel Pentium D
GPU: Radeon HD Graphics ~
RAM & Storage:3 GB RAM and 160 GB Hard drive
FydeOS Version:17.

I don’t have log files

CPU is too old.

I know, but the fact remains the fact

What fact? Fydeos does not support cpu before 2010?

You can find the old version here. But please notice that the old versions do not support this CPU either.

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He installed a virus

Thanks! You help me!

Bro :skull: