Historical Releases of FydeOS for PC

3rd - 7th generation Intel Core Processors Intel Celeron Processors with HD Graphics:

FydeOS for PC v17.1
SHA-256: 6141ee2c8b25246f562ceaec2f2c2bd3437c92d027c5d123b7f8229bacfc9fa6

FydeOS for PC v16.1
SHA-256: c011fef603170f68c3089540e14ad7cf7fc14628b446b5a40342e9fc13f80276

FydeOS for PC v16.0
SHA-256: 1a602322b401017ce2be0baccd5b60eab6604710a435ea85c7c9b006c761e8f6

FydeOS for PC v15.1
SHA-256: d58a5f8b3f4c7a170222f842238adb0613d92355cafa3ebf40aa859e98c53838

FydeOS for PC v15
SHA-256: e4cdcc8de6181ee0363d6b79e972a314105a52ea5e65add85bf1b2cba8f9a6ed

FydeOS for PC v14.2-SP1
SHA-256: 8066c8e08129bd85838c00b5c96fb12a192b87e668657ca73634ecbf763ee8d2

FydeOS for PC v14
SHA-256: 6e80adf2586b0e8504b5959fb02b7de2eeb65df61e5286b391bfe46dcf62cb65

FydeOS for PC v13.1

FydeOS for PC v12.2
SHA-256: 757556ab3c0ea8ec9a6d9483f20de6d18eb615d117551618c1f25bde25dbc7da

FydeOS for PC v11.4
SHA-256: 94f8b56626b1e8be3a5424e05af4e1636944294e0ae406ed59afaa6dd2834f81

FydeOS for PC v10.2
SHA-256: 5d6a94b0f36ef63e85dbca0e546df7acc656ea38316726f1d78950509d0736ed

FydeOS for PC v9.2
SHA-256: 0d9c0d7e8d311b3814382871022654442f3295f1edfd63609666b1b53ee8e5ae

FydeOS for PC v8.21
SHA-256: 7b7514bfa895895e8c8604fc48da7acde597123d195f4f9a587aa8a24b0af5a0

FydeOS for PC v7.2
SHA-256: ed83d5d7104a5469b03d15a6df55b730c05c0761f2e7c9051c1f9bd94d8a21ba

FydeOS for PC v6.1
SHA-256: e71a4e255f29927bf8eaae97c2b7902224fd580b476dfc8282d79f74efab3e92

FydeOS for PC v5.31
SHA-256: 61fc5716314cf01261a17e0c81f6c53a928c8a3f8b5dc15d6c63b8b6f9c59b7c

8th - 12th Generation Intel Core Processors Intel Iris Xe Graphics:

FydeOS for PC iris v17.1
SHA-256: 06aa0beeb4efb75b6b30fc9e1a0268d9d4a7fe2811b865d64ef4aa58b5063a94

FydeOS for PC iris v16.1
SHA-256: 109c89e01c9107a0ce70dc6e9746a4b089d49a0713a9656f10350f3032dade2d

FydeOS for PC iris v16.0-SP1
SHA-256: db2411b84dfe3b4a9d4c2f27d5cfbaeac5666cb9434037a502efbd5580d97ec0

FydeOS for PC iris v15.1
SHA-256: 57530e30eb3e0c22d4f6849f7b54acf1cf7ce191c2bca405100ee50918432f26

FydeOS for PC iris v15
SHA-256: bbd1b7060188d2722293945450574f06e075f0ea20115a2a20b83cfb1318f7fd

FydeOS for PC iris v14.2-SP1
SHA-256: f3fb39185838ac52e59eb22d26f7106f88b3d9893543a53d8b58a913feb202b3

FydeOS for PC iris v14.0
SHA-256: 73a680ee119b56ff3441a91d399a35587ee387b30f3a89aa44faf8efab1f8674

FydeOS for PC iris v13.1
SHA-256: 2363aff5a1427da255e03d0373216a45a4f54a0582417a9e67966e9d30758408

PC with either Intel or AMD Processors & AMD Radeon Graphics (integrated or discrete):

FydeOS for PC apu v17.1

FydeOS for PC apu v16.1
SHA-256: 187e6104345cde119f4e948ad71937de0180216aad318b08fedbad105abf52de

FydeOS for PC apu v16.0
SHA-256: f78ef0b5c24b2ddfebfe01e10b013ae52abc8936650893574d2420d5a2322815

FydeOS for PC apu v15.1
SHA-256: b8ff7d02c40f0dad2d4ba34b0f9efd6d583b46948a7da98c7e693a63271164e8

FydeOS for PC apu v15
SHA-256: c933f5a38a340c2dd75a433e32a4005534f8ffa26375ded2268a30954e3ef53e

FydeOS for PC apu v14.2-SP1
SHA-256: a87ad035749d3a97c0a74a39a99cf6cabf8c5f33c5f6108f55f57f3b8c324a50


Fydeos 15,1 is missing…

Because that’s the latest version. :rofl:
Download it here: FydeOS for PC

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Archie you can put the 15.1 version please? the 16 version is a problem in my 2 laptops with intel 11th gen


Thank you! i was looking for old versions, and i couldn’t find it anywhere!

Um I am looking for a FydeOS with android nougat and I don’t know which one is the latest version with android nougat can someone help me please don’t hesitate to answer

FydeOS 16 please 16.1 is out and i tried to download and open the file but it shows this error

please add 16 so i can update to 16.1

the os i tried to open it on is FydeOS 15.1

It’s the right way to update FydeOS:

You need to pay for it if you want to update from v15.1 to v16.

I was wondering if you could also put he FlintOS versions cuz that would be cool

Sorry, Flint OS no longer exists.

I think i found copy of FlintOS myself!!! (Too bad that i dont think my computers can run it)

by the way, this downloads take more than five hours

They couldn’t run FlintOS
But still i’m sharing, how do i create a sharepoint in onedrive?

does it work on 11th intel core???

have u tried it ?

Cuz theres no one :rofl:

It took me 3 hrs

Hello I install version 16.1 because 17 did not work but it says this version is from mainland china and that I should go install Fydeos from fydeos.io where can I get v16.1 from international