How can I remove the Chromium icon from the taskbar?

I want to remove the browser icon from the taskbar, I considered the possibility of removing the browser but I can’t either. any ideas?

just by changing the icon at least I would be happy

Not possible at the moment :sweat_smile: why? may I ask? is it hurting your eyes?

New design ideas welcome

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hahaha yes, it makes me nervous haha. Just being able to unpin the icon would be enough, I use it as the default browser but install chrome to at least hide the fact that it’s pinned there with its respective icon. I repeat again, the icon itself does not bother me while I use it, it bothers me not being able to unpin it. breaks with the design of the Google ecosystem. on the outside that, good job, I am very grateful.

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Fyde OS is a chromium os so chrome is necessary in it.