Legacy bios installation

So before I attempt to install fyde os on my laptop I just want to know whether its gonna boot up in legacy bios(my bios is locked with a password so I cant change to uefi), a guy suggested to use the vm version idk how true this is but yeah, I downloaded the right variant for my laptop its an hp elitebook 8470p kinda old I know. Anyways will it boot up or no?

I’m also stuck with this problem, can’t find a solution anywhere.

Please add your device information. If your device doesn’t support UEFI booting, odds are it’s too old for FydeOS to support.

Dell Latitude E6430

I don’t have this device, but from what I’ve searched online, it looks like it supports UEFI mode.

Yes it supports.
I have convert to UEFi and tried with UEFi Boot but still installation stops at FydeOS logo and doesn’t go any further.
But my SSD is on MBR partition, do I have to convert it to GPT too?

MBR does not affect booting, but cannot multi-boot installations. If switching to UEFI still doesn’t boot, I don’t have any other solution, as we don’t have this device as a test.

A guy on this thread is saying that the VM version works for the legacy boot. Is this correct?

I don’t think so.

The support team is not God and does not know everything. I don’t think the VM version works for the legacy boot, but there is no absolute in this world, maybe he has strange tricks to make the VM version work for the legacy boot. I’m not him, so I can only say I don’t think so.

Be nice. Don’t act like a bossy customer who has paid millions for support. You are a free user ask for help in community. No one has obligation to answer your question even the support team. If someone reply, say thank you. This is helpful to maintain a good community.

I’m hoping you’ve gotten your answer by now. But I’m sure someone else will have the same issue. I have a Dell Vostro 3550. It’s BIOS only. I didn’t realize I would have issues, especially since I’m actually typing this from my FYDE OS 18 Install. What I did:

  1. Formatted my USB as FAT32 MBR.
  2. Using Etcher I flashed my downloaded ISO file onto the USB. Seems Etcher doesn’t run verification concerning MBR vs. GPT discrepancies. However if an alert pops up, bypass it if the option is given.
  3. Install as normal. Mine failed twice. It kepts stopping when it got to TPM mount point so I deleted the hard drive and reinstalled. PERFECT!
  4. PROBLEM: I cannot change to developer mode and install GAPPS! Everything else however runs like a charm.

I’m going to see if I can get Android working by way of Linux using Waydroid. Otherwise I have to try the route of SEABios & Coreboot.