Android subsystem - Slow and freeze

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I’ve noticed that the android subsystem is almost unusable on my installation of FydeOS: it is painfully slow but not in a coherent way. Sometimes it’s super snappy, other times it takes literally 2 minutes to open the calculator. One time I was using gmail and the app froze completely and with it all the android applications: they could be launched but then not a single button was doing anything. The only solution was a complete restart. Sometimes this problem also freeze my task bar.

I don’t think that my pc is the problem since I also use the linux subsytem and everything works fine. I even use Visual studio code with zero problems.

Has this ever happened before? Is there a way to fix it?


:computer:System & Device Information

  • Hardware & System Configuration: Toshiba Satellite
    • Processor: i7 6500U
    • Graphics Card: GTX 950M (don’t think the OS sees it)
    • RAM: 16 gb
    • FydeOS Version: 17.0-SP2

I have been using bluestacks on cloud and so far so good. ( for gaming off course ) there are not many apps I want to use on pc that I cant use as a webapp or on my phone…

The problem is nvidia card, actually the system sees it.

Oh yes I didnt even noticed… yeah he has a nvidia card… disable it.

Thanks, I’ll try to disable it.

But why does nvidia cards slow the subsystem? is it the same with the AMD radeon ones?
Does this issue only applies with laptops or it also happens to desktop towers?

Probably cause theres no official driver for chromeOS

Hi, same problem here on my Surface GO 2. There is definitely no nVidia GPU :sweat_smile:. Any tips what to try?

I use surface go 2 and android is working well. What apps are you using?

It’s a bit weird, sometimes everything works like a charm, sometimes the loading times are really long. Good question about the apps, I noticed it is happening the most with Google Maps and OneNote. Long loading time when you want to launch the app (up to minute or two) and if the launch is slow the app also acts weird and occasionally crashes. If the launch is smooth, usually the app will behave correctly. I didn’t find a remedy for that, killing the app, rebooting the tablet don’t help. But if I try it some other time, there is a chance that it will work correctly. Back to the question about which apps are doing this, for example TeamViewer, RD client, Picsart, ZeroTierOne or CX file manager, all of these apps are working correctly, or at least I didn’t notice any wrong behavior.

I remember Microsoft does not allow onenote to run on chromeos. I am not sure whether it is related. I did not find android apps with your problem. Maybe not so many apps with problem.