Why i cant update packages with sudo apt-get update in fydeos when i open terminal?

:pushpin:Audio isnt working and cant upgrade linux packages

terminal says that the apt-get command doesnt exists
also my audio isnt working is a shame because i like the os a lot

i have 4th gen intel core i 5 processor and hdmi audio i dont undesrtand with all linux distros my audio is working

Because OzoneOS runs on GentooOS which is your Cros Terminal the linux crostin follows whatever GentooOS has limited.
You would have to follow openfyde cookbook on github to install drivers.

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i cant even install linux subsystem vm for apt-get update and upgrade maybe that can solve my audio issues but i cant even get it installed i dont know if theres a conn issue wih the virtual machine repo or just my country is banned for repo location sometimes it download the vm but hen installing containers give me a error 75 error starting crostini for terminal: 75 (conta launching vmshell failed: error starting crostini for terminal: 75 (container_create_failed_signal) i like the fydeos but with audio issues is worthless its a shame

Mike if you cant install crostini.
Open Cros type vmc stop termina
vmc launch termina

Right click on the crostini at the bottom bar press shutdown linux.
Then try again (start crostini).

If this method repeatedly doesnt works then reflash your fydeos image something went wrong.

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Also keep in mind that crostini environment on ChromiumOS is pretty much try and error. U will soon find you way to use it. But you have to ‘force it’ sometimes.

i have found the thing holding me to install the linux subsystem was region problem i installed vpn and worked upgraded ok but audio still dont work
i saw this on the web but didnt work also is bit old 1. login
2. Ctrl-Alt-T open a shell tab
3. type shell to run bash
4. Modify the file

$ sudo mount -o remount,rw /
$ sudo vi /etc/init/force_audio_output_to_headphones.conf

if you know any solution for fixing audio hdmi in fydeos 17 sp2 all help is welcome thanks

audio wont work probably cause fyde needs to install your audio module driver… if it exists… at all… and my suggestion is grab an bluetooth speaker… serious it will be problem solved…

Ok mate thanks, it’s really bad that audio issues Be clouding the good forked is is fydeos for people who wants something else I really liked it as 2nd os but with audio missing I don’t have any Bluetooth speaker so going back to Linux

You know… they are aware of these issue and my guess is that they will be fixed most likely on the next version… ‘we hope’

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Hope so too I really liked the fydeos is think they should focus first of all in driver for PCs I also realized that YouTube videos too slow they kinda got stucked in chromium but the rest is really nice

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