Can I install FydeOS for Surface Go 3 on a newly launched Surface Go 4?

As the title states, can i install dual-boot the OS for the previous generation of the Surface Go line to the new generation Surface Go 4? I see there is a custom made OS for each surface go generation but since the Go 4 has been recently launched, there is no custom made OS for it.

Even if you can install the Surface Go 3 version of Fyde OS onto the Go 4, it might not work properly. You may be better off with the generic version of Fyde OS (FydeOS for PC), the version which isn’t designed for any specific model of computer. Of course, you could try both versions (“Fyde OS for You” and “FydeOS for PC”) and see which one works better on your computer.

Hello, I tried both versions with surface 4 go and I failed.
Can´t touch input inital setup (language/country), with USB/Keyboard also not possible

Did you manage to run it on Surface 4 GO?