Install FydeOS v17.1 on Macbook Air Mid 2012

After trying both available intel images on my 2012 macbook air, all I get is a blank screen. If anyone can help me that would be great.

Here is the info I have:
FydeOS v16.1 installs without any issues
The older intel image for version 17.1, despite matching the intel generation, does not give any output.
The newer intel image for version 17.1 shows the FydeOS boot logo for a second, and then flickers to nothing and leaves me with no output.

Again, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Got help through discord. Heres two big things that helped me figure this out:
-Check for updates through macOS. This may update the firmware of the device, which could be the root of the problem.
-Try a different USB. This turned out to be my problem, despite the usb working on other devices, it would not work with the macbook.

Hope this helps :grin::grin: