Linux environment fails to install on orange pi 5 plus nvme drive installation but works fine on SD card installation

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  • Description: I installed the latest version of Fydeos for the Orange pi 5 plus to an SD card. Everything went well. I can install and activate both the Linux and Android environments and managed to get stuff working pretty easily within the size and speed limits of an SD card. However, things fall apart with installation to an NVME drive. Fydeos boots fine and the Android environment seems to work well. The Linux environment installation fails seemingly after download (the bar moves 40% or so and it takes a bit) and before it starts to run the VM. I get the vague error: failed to download the virtual machine. If I retry, it fails immediately with the same message. This leaves a penguin instance in the terminal that fails to run and I can’t seem to clear with vmc stop or destroy. This happens via Wi-Fi or over a reliable Ethernet connection.

Is this a known issue or are there any workarounds?

:computer:System & Device Information

  • Hardware & System Configuration: Orange Pi 5 plus

    • Processor:Rockchip 3588
    • RAM: 26gb
    • FydeOS Version: 17.0
  • Relevant System Logs:

    • Open the Chromium browser and enter /var/log/messages to retrieve logs.
    • Log Details: Nothing relevant to my eye, but I can run commands and post if necessary.

The log is needed to analyze the specific problem.

I managed to figure it out. I was flashing the image to SD card, then using the installer from the FydeOS app store to install to the NVME. This results in a broken Linux environment that cannot download/load.

Flashed directly to the NVME and everything works great.


I encountered the same problem. Here are some log:

2024-01-22T03:39:06.959772Z INFO dlcservice[1402]: INFO dlcservice: [] Disabling DLC=termina-dlc reserve.
2024-01-22T03:39:07.144176Z INFO dlcservice[1402]: INFO dlcservice: [] Changing DLC=termina-dlc state to INSTALLING
2024-01-22T03:39:08.026101Z WARNING dlcservice[1402]: WARNING dlcservice: [] Verification failed for image file: /var/cache/dlc/termina-dlc/package/dlc_a/dlc.img. Expected: 0519CE157B41A327F4982B28606C94B4C0EA8C8AF9AB9F7ED77F127D8575FD46 Found: 06883C2108C33425778C5A5948F7A09D60D462633DDBC06F00A44A4E2CEB7423
2024-01-22T03:39:08.026112Z INFO dlcservice[1402]: INFO dlcservice: [] Sending request to update_engine to install DLC=termina-dlc
2024-01-22T03:39:08.639284Z INFO vm_cicerone[11146]: System timezone changed, updating container timezones
2024-01-22T03:39:08.639494Z INFO vm_concierge[11138]: System timezone changed, updating VM timezones
2024-01-22T03:39:09.065995Z ERR dlcservice[1402]: ERROR dlcservice: [] HandleStatusResult(...): Domain=dlcservice, Code=failedInstallInUpdateEngine, Message=update_engine indicates reporting failure.
2024-01-22T03:39:09.066050Z INFO dlcservice[1402]: INFO dlcservice: [] Changing DLC=termina-dlc state to NOT_INSTALLED
2024-01-22T03:39:09.114296Z INFO dlcservice[1402]: INFO dlcservice: [] Deleted path=/var/cache/dlc/termina-dlc
2024-01-22T03:39:09.114359Z INFO dlcservice[1402]: INFO dlcservice: [] Deleted path=/var/lib/dlcservice/dlc/termina-dlc
2024-01-22T03:39:09.114420Z INFO dlcservice[1402]: INFO dlcservice: [] InstallResult metric sent:4

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