Dualboot fyde os no usb dvd or sd card

PLS HELP!!! I’m trying to dual-boot Windows and Fyde os on my alt PC with no USB or cd or sd card

Hi, let me see if I understand this right. You want to dual boot fydeos on your pc but you dont have any sort of external boot device (usb, cd, sdcard, etc). Is that right? I assume you already have windows installed on that pc. Boy this is hard. Maybe using some grub2win trickery you could boot of the .img file but that would be a live enviroment. Another choice would be to use a modified version on brunch/linuxloops under wsl but you would need to modify the scripts yourself. The other way is using a VM but you are going to lose performance so… ask a friend to can borrow you a 8gb usb stick?

Yes that is correct

cant i partition the drive to install it?

its not a matter of can, you HAVE to partition the drive if you want to dual boot. The thing is how to get fydeos installed in that partition without having booted into it. It is doable it will just take a lot of imagination and scripting ability.

i did partition it i dont know what you mean by:

I ment that installing fydeos to a partition without using a usb drive takes a lot of work. With a usb its just opening the installer, select dualboot, chose the partition and hit install.