FydeOS on CHUWI HeroBook AIR

Just decided to install FydeOS on my CHUWI HeroBook AIR and “everything” works flawlessly! There’s a quote on the word everything because there’s only one issue about FydeOS on my laptop; and if it’d be fixed i’ll be gladly having this as my operating system of choice.

So far, these works out of the box:

  • Bluetooth
  • Keyboard
  • Mousepad Touchpad
  • Display (No glitches, stuttering, screentear), and the
  • Built-in camera

The issues

I’m glad that FydeOS got the important stuff working out of the box, but i still can’t fully use it yet due to these issues:

Sound/Audio (IMPORTANT)

For me to properly use FydeOS, i need Audio to be working. Watching online videos and listening to music while doing something on my laptop has become a staple to me.

Unfortunately, it seems that FydeOS doesn’t know my audio card. It also doesnt work on Ubuntu, but strangely enough, it work on these two Linux distributions, even just being on the live environment;

  • EndeavourOS, an Arch-based distribution; and
  • Clear Linux, a Linux distribution from Intel’s 01.org open-source platform.

It will be a great help not only for me; but also for others who has a similar device with mine or the audio chip in this case who wants to use FydeOS as their daily driver.

Wi-Fi / Internet

P.S: Internet/Networking works in all Linux distributions.

I find it weird that wi-fi works while trying out FydeOS (the "Try out FydeOS" option), but doesn’t after installing it. Though i have a weird fix for it (because this also happens to me on linux)

… I violently shake my laptop.

I’m not joking. Same thing also happens to me on Endeavour sometimes, but i end up fixing it with my homemade solution. Dont know if that works on the audio though!

I’ll be happy to provide any additional information, in case you get into troubleshooting my issue.

Have a good day!

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Oh, about the wifi issue…yeah I fixed it by violently shaking my laptop

And whats that laptop wifi bt module just so fyde can add it on their next patch?

Bluetooth actually works; as i mentioned above. The only thing that doesn’t work here is the audio :smile:

This doesnt work?

Yep. When I click on the “>” arrow beside the audio slider, there’s no text or even more sliders to see. When I also open the cog icon, it displays nothing