Cannot enable Linux

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  • Description: I just installed fydeOS on an old laptop. When I went to enable Linux, it said it wasn’t supported. Virtualization and VT-d are enabled. Can anyone help?

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Device: Fujitsu Lifebook A572/E

  • Hardware & System Configuration:
    • Processor:Intel Core i5-3320M
    • Graphics Card(Please specify if there’s a discrete graphics card): Intel HD Graphics 4000, integrated GPU.
    • RAM:4GB
    • FydeOS Version: 17.1, Platform 15437.74.17.4
  • Relevant System Logs:
    • Open the Chromium browser and enter /var/log/messages to retrieve logs.
    • Log Details:

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describe what error it is showing

It says something like “Linux isn’t supported on this fydeOS device”. When I go to the Developer Options in Settings, the “Enable” button is greyed out.

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@N112 hello?

sorry but i think ur processor is the problem it has only 2 cores and outdated till today(2012)
i also have a 2016 cpu, in mine too the linux system dont work but it shows error like download failed or start failed not ur sustem is unsupported so i think u can just use android subsystem with playstore(hope it works for u).


and if u think ur cpu is not a problem try installing fydeos16.1 or reinstall 17.1

OK, thanks.

Hi. I have similar issue but im running it on latest amd procesor on virtual machine. Can somebody help me?

The VMware version does not support the Linux subsystem. For known issues, please refer to the release note.

Ok i tried to boot it on my amd pc but it started bootlooping. What should I do?

You should create a new post according to the template. No one can help until you provide more information about your device.

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Not sure if it’s this - some pc’s have their virtualisation settings turned off in the bios, see this:

edit: just tried it on my old HP celeron (!) 1.8 with 4gb and Linux installed now :slight_smile:

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A 2 core processor wont support linux subsystem

A 2 core processor won’t support linux subsystem

Might be true for some, many, or even most? But once I remembered to turn on VT virtualisation in bios as above, Linux option opened up for me. And that’s on an intel celeron with official page clearly listing two cores. Unless I’m misunderstanding the statement, which is entirely probable.

Ur internet is not good