Android subsystem won't start on Surface Go 2

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    I have a subscription to FydeOS for Surface Go 2

Recently trouble developed with running Android apps. After many attempts to reinstalled Gapps, etc. the Android Settings app disappeared. I am now reinstalling FydeOS from using using the image FydeOS_for_You_Surface_Go2_v17.1-io.img

Even with this, the Android subsystem will not start. Clicking the notification to start the Android subsystem just dismisses the notification without actually starting Android.

This behaviour appears even when I run FydeOS straight off the USB Drive.

I’m at a loss as to what to do.

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Microsoft GO 2

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    • Open the Chromium browser and enter /var/log/messages to retrieve logs.
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Will try to post the log details from FydeOS in a separate message.

FydeOS subscription is up to date

This is the log message I captured

Untitled.txt (845.8 KB)

OK, there are 5 of us now that are having this same problem. I, like at least some of the others, find that the Android Settings app is missing. From the my message log (see previous reply) there seems to be some problem loading up the Android subsystem, but I don’t understand the exact problem. Could someone from support take a look at the log.

Could this message log entry point to the root of the problem?

2024-01-05T14:14:02.428401Z ERR arc-kmsg-logger[3806]: init: Could not start service ‘vendor.hwcomposer-2-1’ as part of class ‘hal’: File /vendor/bin/hw/ “u:object_r:vendor_file:s0”) has incorrect label or no domain transition from u:r:init:s0 to another SELinux domain defined. Have you configured your service correctly?

Dude, I had the same problem and posted here and several hours later the android icon just appeared on my surface. I didnt do anything in particular. This makes me really think how this was activated…

Oh good, it’s fixed for me too!

So the support says the android downloads itself and it requires a connection to their server that was down.