[Guide] ChromeBrew - Get it working 🚧

ChromeBrew Install: This ‘hack’ keeps changing and keeps failing very easy so I can’t… ‘truly’ say it is a better reliable alternative to those of flatHub alternatives. But… here it goes:

On crosh type:

sudo chromeos-setdevpasswd
sudo crossystem dev_boot_signed_only=1 - Doesnt work on Fyde/OpenFyde as it’s already on dev mode
Oficial Install method: curl -Ls git.io/vddgY | bash
That should be it 🢁

Zopolis4 alternative method VT2 console (On the login screen with CTRL + ALT + F2 or FN+F2):

sudo -i -u chronos
exec bash --init-file <(curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Zopolis4/chromebrew/aisda/install.sh)


curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Zopolis4/chromebrew/aisda/install.sh > install.sh
chmod +x install.sh
sudo -u chronos bash ./install.sh


rm -f install.sh
curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Zopolis4/chromebrew/aisda/install.sh > install.sh
sudo -u chronos bash ./install.sh

Troubleshooting for wierd crashing:

stopsommelier && startsommelier
#rm -rf /usr/local

Black Screen can be fixed by switching between gnome(!?) and xxfce by doing:

ctrl + shift + f1 then ctrl + shift + f2

To Run crew packages find them here

crew install / search / remove / update
crew install nano
crew install vivaldi
crew install Aqemu

Try this aquemu app.

For more info check here: https://nosarthur.github.io/coding/2018/07/16/crouton.html
For Crouton check here: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/crouton-integration/gcpneefbbnfalgjniomfjknbcgkbijom
For Chromebrew: https://chromebrew.github.io/

Any suggestions or tips bring it on!


  1. The packages available are very limited. Any way to install an alternative package manager or somehow use emerge?
  2. The flatpak dosent work. Hoping for a fix soon!

You re telling me that ? :rofl::rofl: ask the chromebrew devs then.

Do you know any alternative to chromebrew

Flathub only… works nice… but… not much of a big help either because some apps goes into a black screen. As if theres some incompatability layer between…
As you mentioned that switching thing from gnome xcfe or whatever kinda helped. ( but I havent had time to check that myself yet. ).

Flathub barely any apps work as most use bwrap which dosent work.
The switching i mentioned is for crouton black screen fix.

Theres https://pacstall.dev/ which you can use on an ubuntu container (following my guide for ubuntu).
But even that probably wont give you the borealis might or the gamepad control and probably not all apps are avaiable either… but as for an alternative its a quite well constructed one.

This is no different than the ArchLinux AUR thing so you probably know better than me of what Im talking about.
(I just dont know archlinux much as I am more of an Ubuntu user) Anyway… if you find anything let me know…
Im also on this ChromiumOS ‘struggle’ for the better.

By the way did u got crouton to work on Fyde ? I never made it work that could be interesting.

Debian bullseye dosent work.
Ubuntu Xenial works.
Very glitchy display. Can be fixed by using sunshine+moonlight

I experienced bad performance even though glxinfo -B showed my GPU. May be my hardware issue i guess.

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