FydeOS Steam (Borealis) fails

When I try to install Steam following this guide: https://fydeos.io/docs/knowledge-base/recipes/steam-with-borealis/

The install fails. after running the install script, it says to open the steam app from the menu. Once i do that and press next, it gets tuck hereand says failed!

How to fix? As I want controller support which seems to exist in borealis

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Someone told me… that fydeOS switching from sudo su to sudo -i is what’s making the borealis script to fail… so I dont know if they… noticed that or… have a solution.

well whats the fix? Please help

Have u tried installing it without borealis? Just transfering it from steamgames.com and installing it as a linux app?

then theres no gamepad support

Yep there isnt for linux. Why? Does borealis provides that ?

apparently it does.
source: one page on reddit and one comment in chrome bugs website

Have u checked for borealis flags to be enabled to see if it helps somehow?

i first enabled the flags mentioned in the guide. didnt work. then i enabled all the flags that have the word borealis in it. didnt work still

only fyde can fix this… dont forget to state ur hardware and fyde version you installed.

Can i somehow see what the script is running to make controllers work and run it myself?
Fyde is anyway very slow in releasing updates so its gonna take time till april may isnt it?

Im not sure if this helps … but https://github.com/secretmem/borealis-dlc/releases
Anyways… I guess next version will come soon…