Surface Go 1 Volume too low FydeOS for You


The volume on FydeOS for you for a Surface Go 1 is way too low even if I maxed it out on the system and the video player.

I have installed FydeOS in dual boot mode. When I’m in windows 11 the volume is perfectly loud and clear.

What can I do to fix the low volume on FydeOS? I would love to renew my subscription but this issue is a deal breaker.

Please help since I love FydeOS

The current volume is the upper limit of the hardware’s volume. Windows uses software adjustments to increase its volume, but we lack the technical support from Microsoft to fix it software-wise.

Thank you for letting me know. Any recommendations on what can I do to increase the volume? Maybe software wise?

Does anyone knows what can i do to increase the volume? Please help. It’s barely usable.

Use a Bluetooth speaker then. I am using go2, it’s loud enough for me.

Any other advice than a speaker? I’ve done that but it is not convenient

Hi, anybody else had another solution to the low volume?