Openfyde not booting on iris device

openfyde not booting on a hp14dqwm laptop
i tried every image of openfyde for x86_64 they wont boot tried fydeos and other linux distrobution to confirm that the usb is not faulty they all booted fine but openfyde will get stuck on showing the logo then making the fan spin at max rpm then the device will turn off by it self
the specs of the device are
intel core i5-1135g7
16gb ram ddr4 3200mhz
intel iris xe graphics
256gb m.2 nvme ssd

the usb used to try to install openfyde was a kingstone 32gb usb 3 stick and the images used where the openfyde114-r1 and -r2 iris images and the -r3 intel hd image and the amd apu image non of them worked but fydeos for pc iris image worked fine

the apps used to flash the images where balena etcher and the chromebook recovery utility