T9 Mini N100 - ChromeOS Flex vs FydeOS 18 (Tips)

Chrome OS Flex - V121 Stable / Crostini Bookworm - 6.1.64 / Upgraded to Trixie with google package v122
FydeOS - V120 Stable / Crostini Bookworm - 6.1.60 / Upgraded to Trixie with google package v124

T9 N100 Aliexpress 16GB DDR5 1TB - Led model - Alien ports all around - No type C of madness and noisy fan. -.-’

Cheezy Unboxing for the fun here - No (dis)likes required.

ChromeOS Flex

FydeOS - Im pretty sure you can get different scores than me so this is never 100% accurate.


Access Bios with Delete with Keyboard PLUGGED to the board:

15000 to 50000

Make your tests:

Things to consider:

  • Have no extensions on your browser to achieve those values
  • Metamask eats 10k of Octane 2.0 benchmarks
  • So either try it on anonymous or guest mode.

On V122 Google adds the newer Mesa versions and Intel is working on a new GPU kernel driver Vulkan rendering is also a thing.

  • #lacros-only - Works
  • The wifi module can be upgraded (grab the BE202 Wifi 7 like a boss as if 2 ethernet slots aren’t enough)

In other words… this is a neat cheap toy for FydeOS users to EnJOy.