No Wi-Fi Drivers/Wi-Fi not showing any networks

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    No Wi-Fi Drivers/Wi-Fi not showing any networks

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    • Wi-Fi Adapter: Edimax WL7811UNV2 (EW-7811Un V2) N150 Wi-Fi 4 Nano USB Adapter
      Description from the website I bought it from:

EW-7811Un V2 is a nano USB wireless adapter that supports maximum range and speed. Despite the size, this tiny USB adapter supports higher data rate of up to 150Mbps when connecting with wireless 802.11n device which is 3 times faster than your normally 11g connection. You can just plug it into computer’s USB port and enjoy incredible high-speed wireless network access. This is for sure the trendiest piece of upgrade you can make to your wireless network

  • FydeOS Version: v18.0
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same here no wifi showing, as i just installed fydeos in my 2017 macbook air i5

Still not working on fydeOS v18

I provided more information if it helps.