Fydeos 17.1 installation was successfully completed but stuck on bios screen

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  • Description: Got stucked on the bios try rebooting nothing helped. My boot option is UEFI with Legacy OPROM, secure boot is OFF.

Is anyone faced this issue, is there any solutions for this.

Thanks in advance.

:computer:System & Device Information

  • Hardware & System Configuration: Dell Inspiron 15.

    • Processor:AMD A9 7th gen
    • Graphics Card(Please specify if there’s a discrete graphics card):
    • RAM: 6GB
    • FydeOS Version:17.1
  • Relevant System Logs:

    • Open the Chromium browser and enter /var/log/messages to retrieve logs.
    • Log Details:

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I tried installing on a Lenovo T570 using the up to 7th gen image and I did get the OS to install but I then get stuck at the Lenovo logo. I installed on a T14G3 and everything but my microphone works on that laptop.

I figured out that you might need to go into your bios and choose the HD you installed FydeOS to as the boot device at least for the first boot. After that the computer should boot into Fyde normally afterwards.