[Guide] How to install FydeOS

How to install FydeOS (for noobs)

  1. Download the FydeOS ISO from here
  2. Download Rufus from here
  3. Plug in the pendrive. Open Rufus and burn the ISO onto it. Pretty straightforward.
  4. Reboot, and then boot into USB. This can be done using the boot menu shortcut (spamming F2/F12/ESC during boot
  5. You should see FydeOS logo. Then after it loads, click the INSTALL button. Cant miss it.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it, like setting up dualboot, etc.
  7. Once you see the REBOOT screen, reboot your PC and unplug the pendrive. It should now be installed and boot without USB
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Balena-Etcher is safe to use. I’ve wrote multiple installations to USB , straight from the compressed archive , wrote and verified , and all without issues. Its extremely straightforward and NOOB friendly, as some might get lost or confused ( one would hope not!) with the more advanced GUI of Rufus.

Only speaking from my experience with the — Linux x64 AppImage repository.

As long as you have your machine correctly configured to run the images!