The discussion revolves around an issue encountered after attempting to flash the FydeOS 17 image file onto a USB drive.

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—After flashing the FydeOS 17 image file to my USB drive, the process completed, but afterwards my pen drive had a total of 13 fragments and multiple partitions. The FydeOS flashing did not succeed. plsssssss help meee. :sob:

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so how can i install fyde os… cuz when i click the option of usb boot then its not load the step of fyde os and continue running the old window… and how can i stop the multiple partitions and i need the successful flashing … completely guide me plsss

hey captain!! u said its normal? oh really :thinking: :neutral_face:…explain it … and pls completely guide… :sob:

That’s how Chromium OS is designed, don’t touch these partitions after the flash, just boot from the USB drive normally. Make sure both Secure Boot and Fast Boot are turned off, if it still doesn’t work, please attach your device configuration. FydeOS may not support your device.

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