Not booting anymore after update

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    Recent update via os upgrade doesn’t boot now. PC was working fine before. I don’t know how to reinstall without wiping whole entire files on disk?

    Now I’m using thoriumos Live USB and it does boot but fydeos boot is not working

    I did manage to get to boot fydeos grub but now I can’t figure out how to get there anymore, and seems to not work anyway, still black screen booting.

    I thought verity A or B would take over if the new update image wouldn’t boot?

    Maybe I should just backup files and wipe whole disk again? I’m not sure why it doesn’t boot anymore.

:computer:System & Device Information

  • Hardware & System Configuration: Mele Quieter 3c

    • Processor: Intel Celeron N5105
    • Graphics Card(Please specify if there’s a discrete graphics card): Intel UHD
    • RAM: 8gb + 256 storage
    • FydeOS Version: R114 to R120 (both after 2018 intel iris versions)
  • Relevant System Logs:

    Don’t know if this helps??
    Screenshot 2024-03-24 9.17.49 PM


Maybe I’ll just reinstall and backup encrypted.block and put it back in install and see?

Edit: Flashed usb drive with rufus fydeos v18 nothing works, why does v17 work but now v18 not anymore? Why does v18 break? I will try balena etcher

Edit: Still doesnt work with balena, and v17 works fine, i just tried it.

Edit: Ok im just going to put v17 back on it, im not going to try messing with v18 it just wasnt built that way unfortunately to work for my pc

Our apologies that v18 doesn’t work for you. This is rare.

Have you had v17 reinstalled successfully? If so it’d be of great help if you submit a feedback to us and include all the logs and metrics, we will take a look.

We are aware that some Jasper Lake devices may pose some glitches, but non-booting and black screen is definitely off the chart.


I just made a feedback after reinstalling

Flash that Fydeos 18 img on an external HDD not USB…
But how did you manage to get out your data of the previous system?

I couldn’t get back my data as my usb drive got corrupted after I reinstalled fydeos, I am on a clean fydeos install with some cloud file backups.

I knew that “encrypted.block” and “encrypted.key” are what has the data (and decryption key?) on chromiumos (and fydeos). Both are files in one of fydeos partitions.

I had the same problem on a celeron n4020

Same issue on Dell inspiron 7520