Cryptohome is corrupted - Switch PC

Hi everyone,
I have installed Fydeos 18.0 on Asus laptop a week ago
I have created a local account to test the performance which was great
Today i tried to plug the same HDD to another laptop (ACER)
But when booted i encountered the welcome screen
it seems like the system made a factory reset when i swapped hdd
but all data is still there
i can create any user (online or local) but when trying to create the same account’s name that was on the previous pc I get this error (cryptohome is corrupted try agian)

How do I sign the same account again? and is it possible to restore the data?
Is it even possible to create portable Fydeos media across several devices without losing the data?


Put it on the first laptop.

Tried that already
the same error shows up

Don’t use it on different devices. Chromeos is not designed for this.

Is there anyway to retrieve the data?
and how to make a shared folder between several users?

No way, use google drive and share with each other.