Why the ssd not showing up?

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    I followed the installation guide on the official website. But the fydeos installation interface does not show any partitions. After that, I followed the instructions on YouTube to try it out and log in before installing it. However, the installation interface only displays /dev/sda/ (20~30GB size), which is the partition of the USB flash drive instead of the SSD partition in the computer. I allocated a 250MB efi partition and a 150GB NTFS (i also tryed ext4) partition for fydeos on the ssd, both partition does not appear on the installation interface.

:computer:System & Device Information

  • Hardware & System Configuration:

    • Processor: i9 13900H
    • Graphics Card(Please specify if there’s a discrete graphics card): RTX4060m
    • RAM: 16GB
    • FydeOS Version: iris_v18.0-SP1
  • Relevant System Logs:

    • Open the Chromium browser and enter /var/log/messages to retrieve logs.
    • Log Details: no log, i cant even install it on the right place…

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Run lsblk in shell first and attach the picture.
Rule out these situations. https://fydeos.io/faq/why-error-when-install-to-disk/

I’m a noob and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Also fail to install linux virtal machine.

You need to switch to developer mode first.

loop0 7:0 0 4K 1 loop /run/chromeos-config/v1
loop1 7:1 0 10M 0 loop
loop2 7:2 0 1.2G 0 loop
-encstateful 254:1 0 1.2G 0 dm /home/chronos /var /mnt/stateful_partition/encrypted loop3 7:3 0 365.3M 1 loop /mnt/stateful_partition/unencrypted/android/root loop4 7:4 0 106.2M 1 loop /mnt/stateful_partition/unencrypted/android/vendor loop5 7:5 0 4K 1 loop /opt/google/containers/arc-sdcard/mountpoints/container-root loop6 7:6 0 4K 1 loop /opt/google/containers/arc-obb-mounter/mountpoints/container-root loop7 7:7 0 87.2M 1 loop /usr/share/chromeos-assets/speech_synthesis/patts loop8 7:8 0 6.9M 1 loop /usr/share/cros-camera/libfs sda 8:0 1 28.7G 0 disk |-sda1 8:1 1 4G 0 part /run/daemon-store-cache/smbfs/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/secagentd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/uma-consent/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/pvm/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/smbproviderd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/dlp/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/shill/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/kerberosd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/appsync-optin/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/u2f/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/chaps/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/debugd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/appsync-consent/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/crash/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/crosvm/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/session_manager/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store-cache/usb_bouncer/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/smbfs/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/secagentd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/uma-consent/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/pvm/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/smbproviderd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/dlp/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/shill/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/kerberosd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/appsync-optin/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/u2f/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/chaps/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/debugd/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/appsync-consent/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/crash/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/crosvm/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/session_manager/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /run/daemon-store/usb_bouncer/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /home/user/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397/MyFiles/Downloads | /home/chronos/u-5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397/MyFiles/Downloads | /home/chronos/user/MyFiles/Downloads | /home/.shadow/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397/mount/user/MyFiles/Downloads | /home/root/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /home/user/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /home/chronos/u-5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397 | /home/chronos/user | /home/.shadow/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397/mount/root | /home/.shadow/5767141aa15972c8523649ed39a645dd43d3d397/mount/user | /usr/share/fydeos-backup | /usr/share/fydeos-ota-checker | /usr/share/hwtuner-script | /var/cache/dlc-images | /var/lib/portage | /var/db/pkg | /usr/local | /home | /mnt/stateful_partition |-sda2 8:2 1 16M 0 part |-sda3 8:3 1 2.7G 0 part |-sda4 8:4 1 16M 0 part |-sda5 8:5 1 2M 0 part |-sda6 8:6 1 512B 0 part |-sda7 8:7 1 512B 0 part |-sda8 8:8 1 16M 0 part /usr/share/oem |-sda9 8:9 1 512B 0 part |-sda10 8:10 1 512B 0 part |-sda11 8:11 1 8M 0 part -sda12 8:12 1 32M 0 part /efi
zram0 253:0 0 30.6G 0 disk [SWAP]

Upload the picture dude, I can’t even read these. It’s messed up. Then run fdisk -l

Is it a desktop? What motherboard is it? We’ve found that performance on desktops has a lot to do with the motherboard. Upload a screenshot of your disk partitions in Windows to give others an idea of what you have.

I’ve searched in the Chinese forum that this is basically an AHCI problem, are you sure it’s not?

i guess nope, my laptop doesn’t have this options

this is a laptop, ROG Flow Z13 2023. Partition 4 is the place i waint to install fydeOS, and the small gap between the os and part 4 is the efi partition for fydeOS.

lsblk doesn’t show your hard drive, same as what I posted above. It’s basically a sure thing that it has to do with some setting in the BIOS, you’ll have to explore it yourself, no one has the same device as you.

There is a user with a device similar to yours that can be installed.

The partitions you have listed look normal, except you need to change partition 4 to NTFS, just like in the tutorial. The hard disk you have is NVME, and from the community’s experience, the probability is that it’s related to the BIOS settings.

Your device has Nvidia discrete graphics, there is a possibility that it will not work properly after installation, so please be aware of that.

finally, the problem is the intel vmd, after disable it, the problem fixed
(why people play ex astris on fydeos? haha)

The problem fixed, thanks you guys.