Application crashed

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    Apps like Minecraft and Clash Meta always crash

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    • Intel i7 8550U:
    • There is one but idk
    • 16GB RAM
    • v18.0-SP1
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    • Open the Chromium browser and enter /var/log/messages to retrieve logs.
    • Log Details:

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Did you buy Minecraft from play store? It needs play certification.

I can use play store now
plus play store crashes too

Did you install open gapps


Play store works well on my device. Do you have discrete card on your device?

i use integrated GPU

If there is a discrete card in your device, unless you unplug it, it can’t be promised not in use.

ye ik

So it’s nothing you can do if you don’t unplug the discrete card :face_with_peeking_eye: