Is fydeOS Chinese spyware

For those who use our products and services provided through, these offerings will be administered by our UK-based legal entity, Fyde Innovations Ltd. It’s important to note that these services fall under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

but people say its a chinese spyware

We have listed all the information on the official website, if you don’t believe it, please stop using FydeOS.

@hacker stop using mean words plus u should rly enroll a course abt grammar

Learn to make independent judgments instead of just believing what people say. Grow up, kid.

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I know my school is practicing this

By people" I mean answers on Google, Bing, Reddit, etc

People are incapable of self-incrimination. Therefore, the law is called the benefit of the doubt. No matter what platform you say the people are from, they are just saying that there is no liability or cost to this. But they don’t have any proof.
You asked the FydeOS staff if FydeOS is secure. They can only tell you it’s secure, but can’t prove they are not spyware. Do you understand the logic? You should go to these people you are talking about and ask them where is the proof that FydeOS is spyware? Instead of asking FydeOS how do you prove you are not spyware?

Bro i didnt ask them if Fyde is secure i asked them if Fyde is a chinese spyware

Chinese software is the same es Chinese spyware?

You are inconsistent and obviously illogical, you need to learn logic. If you think all software from China is spyware, then I have nothing to say, don’t use Chinese software.

Wtf how on earth do u conclude dat all chinese software are chinese spyware

BTW r u a chinese

You said you asked whether they are Chinese software, but did you check what you actually asked? You asked whether they are Chinese spyware.

aww tis a typo

BTW i guess ur a Chinses

In your logic, I am a Chinese, so I am a spy. Don’t talk to me. Everything from China is not secure. :yawning_face:

stop getting emotional bro

It’s gone off-topic, so I closed this post.