Reinstall rEFInd

How do I reinstall rEFInd? I think I accidentally corrupted rEFInd when reinstalling Windows.

I already tried that. The problem is: it didn’t give me the right kind of rEFInd. I’m not just talking about graphical differences (from the way FydeOS does rEFInd); the rEFInd I got from there didn’t work with the touch-screen!

I tried that already. Truble is: I can only do that from within FydeOS, and I guess my FydeOS installation is corrupted. I can’t boot to it at least. Even when running FideOS from the FideOS insulation disk rather than my computer: That copy of FydeOS seems to lack some of the options which the help file you gave me is telling me to use.

If you could just give me a coppy of the rEFInd that comes with FydeOS: I think that might fix this.

Reinstall fydeos with refind. It will solve all your problem since you can’t boot into fydeos at all.

refind.backup.tar.gz (1.1 MB)
Try to replace these files.