How do I set up autologon and how do I display application icons on the desktop?

I have a raspberry pi4B, 4Gb RAM, I recently installed fydeos 18.0. At first glance, this is a very interesting operating system.
However, I have a few simple questions.

  1. On the help pages /

it is suggested to simply enable autologon in the settings, but I do not have such an item:

how do I turn on autologon?

  1. How do I display shortcuts to applications, files, or folders on the desktop? Or is it just a beautiful picture and the desktop (in the usual sense) is not available?

  2. Is it possible to change or customize the desktop environment so that open applications, folders and files are displayed on the taskbar, rather than application shortcuts, which are better to have on the desktop or in the start menu?

  3. How do I set up an ssh server to access the terminal via ssh and the file via sftp?

  4. Is it possible to set up a SWAP?

Did you really read it?
It’s important to note that this feature is exclusively available for local accounts.

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Interesting… I didnt knew either.

That’s right, I apologize for my blindness, thanks for pointing this out.

What about my other questions?

No, you can’t put things on desktop or change desktop environment. you may search for how to do it on chromeos for your other questions.