FydeOS Community Guidelines

1. Official Language

In the FydeOS Community, all communication must be conducted in English for inclusivity and mutual understanding.

2. Subject Matter

Our community encourages active discussions primarily revolving around FydeOS / Chromium OS / Chrome OS / Chromebook, including intriguing open-source technology subjects pertaining to both hardware and software.

While discussions about other operating systems or ecosystems are welcome, it’s important to ensure that the core of your post aligns with our community’s interests.

We do not entertain discussions related to politics, ethnicity, geographical region, or money-making.

Any content that deviates from these guidelines may be addressed at our discretion, with the possibility of locking or deleting any content considered inflammatory or inciting.

3. Quality of Interaction

Content that is unfriendly or NSFW is not permitted. The FydeOS forum appreciates and allows critical opinions, provided they are presented in a constructive manner. Non-constructive criticisms will be deleted, with persistent offenders facing a potential ban.

  • Constructive criticism: “The recent FydeOS update has led to XX issue. Has anyone else encountered this? How can a system update introduce new problems?”

  • Non-constructive criticism: “FydeOS is rubbish, charging annually for this! Just waiting for your company to go under!”

4. Responsible Tech Support Requests

When seeking technical support for FydeOS, please provide as detailed information as possible to increase the likelihood of getting a helpful response.

Remember that this is a peer-support community, so a sense of decorum in your expectations for “technical support” is required. Nobody is obliged to assist you. A lack of sufficient information in your issue may result in no response. If someone does respond, express gratitude by acknowledging their help.

5. No Spamming or Misdirection

Our community has a strict no spamming and deceptive external links policy. Any violations will be met with immediate deletion of posts and a potential account ban.

Short links are generally discouraged and will be managed at the administrator’s discretion.

Moreover, external linked content should only offer a preview. When posting linked content such as articles or videos, use the original title as your post title and ensure the link points directly to the source.

6. Zero Tolerance for Piracy

Posts related to pirated content are strictly forbidden in this community. Sharing free download links to copyrighted material, like books, games, or movies, is considered piracy. Administrators will take action upon discovering such posts.

7. Promotional Activities

Unless approved by an administrator, personal promotional activities, personal buying/selling, hardware swapping, paid surveys, etc. are not permitted in our community.

8. Foster a Positive Community

We are an online forum open to all and we strongly discourage any harmful or unfriendly behavior. Personal attacks, hate speech, violence, offensive language, and invasion of privacy are strictly forbidden. We encourage everyone to practice kindness.

9. Administrative Prerogative

Administrators reserve the right to take necessary action against violations of these guidelines and to autonomously delete any posts or comments that infringe upon the community standards.

In case of a perceived unfair judgment, you are welcome to contest the decision via email.