Best build for Surface 3 Intel Atom x7

I’m planning to install FydeOS on a Microsoft Surface 3 (not Pro or Go) with an Intel Atom z7-Z7800 and 4GB RAM. It’s not clear whether to install the nearest PC build or use one of the Microsoft Surface builds.

Please can someone advise? Thanks :slight_smile:

Update - I thought I’d try the Surface Pro 3 build just to see how it went. My worry was that the kernel would be wrong for the Atom processor but it seems to work OK. The audio output isn’t working but I’ll treat that as a separate issue. Hope that helps someone with the same query/


For installing FydeOS on your Microsoft Surface 3 with an Intel Atom z7-Z7800 and 4GB RAM, I recommend using the nearest PC build. The specific Microsoft Surface builds are generally optimized for the Pro and Go versions, which have different hardware configurations.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: