How to setup headless FydeOS On RPi 5!

Is there any way I can setup Fyde OS on a RPi 5 and get it running headless on my tablet using VNC like on Raspbian OS. For example, I just turn the RPi on and connect to it using vnc or any other protocol. I know its possible and you guys prolly know better !

Any help would be appreciated !

won’t work with VNC i am afraid. KVM should work, but it needs some level of tweaking


Yes, you can definitely set up FydeOS on a Raspberry Pi 5 and run it headless, allowing you to access it using VNC or another remote protocol. Here’s how you can do it:

Installing FydeOS:

First, download the FydeOS image for Raspberry Pi 5 from the official FydeOS website.

Use a tool like Balena Etcher to flash the image onto a microSD card.

Initial Setup:

Insert the microSD card into your Raspberry Pi 5 and connect it to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for the initial setup.

Power on your Raspberry Pi and follow the on-screen instructions to get FydeOS up and running.

Enable Remote Access:

Open the terminal on FydeOS.

Install a VNC server, such as TightVNC or RealVNC, by running the appropriate command.

Configure the VNC server to start automatically on boot. This might involve editing some startup configuration files or setting up a systemd service.

Set Up Headless Mode:

Make sure the VNC server is set to allow connections even without a local display attached. You might need to set a default resolution for the virtual display.

Configure FydeOS to automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network on boot so you can access it without needing to reconfigure the network each time.

Connecting via VNC:

On your tablet, install a VNC viewer app, such as VNC Viewer by RealVNC.

Open the VNC viewer app and connect to the IP address of your Raspberry Pi. Enter the VNC password you set during the server configuration.

By following these steps, you should be able to turn on your Raspberry Pi and connect to it headlessly using VNC from your tablet, just like you would with Raspbian OS.

Hope it helps you !

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

well, since the fydeos linux is containerized, wouldnt it cause problems ?