Hi, I’m currently dualbooting Fydeos with Windows but unable to access the Windows partitions containing all my movies, documents etc. Is there any way to mount all other partitions on my hard disk? I was using Brunch prior to this and I could easily mount all my partitions in Brunch by simply including a single command in grub file and that doesn’t seem to work here. What do I do?

Would really appreciate if somebody could help me out, thanks

Try Version 8.21

it doesn’t work on v10?

you can mount windows partitions under fydeos with linux commands blow:
step 1: go into your terminal of chrome browser by type ‘CTRL + ALT + t’
step 2: type ‘shell’ in the terminal
step 3: now you can run linux command freely
step 4: run command ‘cd /media’
step 5: run command ‘mount -t ntfs /dev/sdX /media/sdX’ which X is your partition number
step 6: you can make a symbol link of /media/sdX to your home dir
step 7: you are welcome!

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