Can I install on an Android TV box?

Can I install FydeOS on an Android TV box such as this:

Not with Android TV boxes that have ARM chips, sorry.

We work closely with MINISFORUM and they produce decent x86 boxes (both Intel and AMD) which are compatible with FydeOS.

I’m surprised considering you have a version that will work with Raspberry Pi and that has an ARM processor.


Developing Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi took about a little over 6 months to reach a usable state, alll that effort could only be used in the Pi build - in the ARM realm, there is no such “one image fits all” generic solution.

If there exists an Android TV box that has a community of over 5M people and could ship 640,000 units in a single month (March 2020), we will defintely consider it.

Thanks for the info. I guess that’s the difference between Intel and ARM. ARM chips aren’t hardware compatible to one another.