cros shell clash vpn

Hello, not sure if this is the place to ask this question, but i saw other people having trouble using chromium os in China mainland, because of network issue, and we can’t share vpn using hot spot

I’m using clash vpn in linux for cros dev, it’s working for me.
it would need to launch clash from bash

sudo ./clash -d .

then it would need to use web browser to open to talk to clash( and pick vpn site

i tried doing the same in cros shell(using guest), i can launch clash, but when opening, it seems it can’t talk to clash process

is this restricted in chromium os? any chance to make it work?

thank you!

You can install v2rayNG, the android app. It also work in the linux subsystem. You can find it in the Github

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@Kimmy, thanks for the reply, but i haven’t been able to login to chromiumos yet, i’m using raspberry pi build

i’ve given up this thing, there must be some difference between chromiumos linux and regular linux distro, i’ve ordered soft router, it’s being delivered

v2rayNG works like a charm in chrome os